Peptest and the importance of salivary pepsin detection was put under the spotlight at a forum in China, attended by our distributor Maxhealth.

The 13th China Cough Forum and the 13th National Class on Chronic Cough and Difficult and Rare Diseases took place in Guangzhou, China from 6 to 8 November 2020.

MaxhealthDuring the Forum, participants saw the launch of a multi-centre clinical research project Research on Reference Values of Salivary Pepsin in Healthy Chinese Population’.

The project is led by the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Research Centre and the Respiratory Research Institute of the First Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University and co-organised by Maxhealth.

At the helm is academician Zhong Nanshan of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases, together with Professor Lai Kefang – professor of internal medicine, doctoral supervisor of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical Universitas.

The project takes place at nine clinical research centres across China.

Professor Qiu Zhongmin from Shanghai Tongji University Hospital and Professor Lai Kefang presented to the audience on the current situation of reflux disease, including extra-oesophageal reflux disease in China and the current clinical diagnosis methods and limitations of laryngopharyngeal reflux.

Professor Lai introduced the process of salivary pepsin detection and overseas research, and the clinical application value of Peptest in reflux and reflux-related diseases.

Also, at the forum, Professor Wu highlighted the correlation between common respiratory and ENT diseases (chronic cough, asthma of bronchi management, chronic pharyngitis, etc.) and gastroesophageal reflux disease, and introduced the common clinical diagnosis and treatment of reflux disease.

He also discussed Peptest and the important clinical significance and good application prospect in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of reflux and reflux related diseases.

MaxHealthAccording to Maxhealth, it is hoped that through this multi-centre study, the reference value of salivary pepsin belonging to healthy people in China will be initially established to better help clinicians identify reflux-related diseases.

A spokesman for Maxhealth said: “As a pharmaceutical enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, Maxhealth has been committed to introducing and developing new technologies and products, so as to optimise the diagnosis and treatment process, and has also been supporting academic exchanges and discipline construction of related disciplines.”

“During the forum meeting, many experts participating in the meeting showed a strong interest in the new method of salivary pepsin detection.”

An early and objective diagnosis of reflux, such as Peptest provides, opens the door to lifestyle changes, and future treatment.
Peptest can also be used after reflux treatments to assess the success or failure of any treatment.
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