Discover if you are suffering
from reflux…

With one simple saliva test, Peptest can help diagnose gastro‑oesophageal reflux from the stomach into the oesophagus, larynx or airways.

Without early diagnosis and treatment, reflux can cause severe damage to the oesophagus and, in some cases, can lead to oesophageal cancer.

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Get started in three simple steps…

Choose from a two or three tube sample kit. Collection tubes and instructions will be sent to you by post. All postage is included.
Follow kit instructions to spit in the tubes provided. Return your saliva collection tubes to our labs in the pre-paid package.
We will send you an email with your results within 48 hours. You will also receive a letter for your GP explaining the results and what they mean.

What’s included in your Peptest order..

Peptest order kit

Your Peptest reflux diagnostic pack includes:

  • 2 or 3  collection tubes
  • Full instructions and all postage included
  • Analysis of samples
  • Results report, information and doctor’s letter
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