Meet the Peptest team

The Peptest team

Peptest has been developed by UK-based RD Biomed, a pharmaceutical development and diagnostic company based at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Innovators in healthcare product development, RD Biomed focusses on gastroenterology and wound management and develops products that identify, prevent and treat various medical conditions.

In Peptest, RD Biomed has developed a novel diagnostic test which can rapidly detect the gastric enzyme pepsin in saliva/sputum and exhaled breath condensate samples.

Professor Peter Dettmar launched RD Biomed and is the company’s managing director.

The Peptest team

Meet Professor Peter Dettmar

Professor Peter Dettmar is the former global Research and Development Director in Gastrointestinals for Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare (UK) Limited. He has extensive experience in running product development programmes and clinical trials and more than 35 years’ experience of the pharmaceutical industry.

He has a Special Professorship with the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Nottingham, UK and was Adjunct Professor and Director of Research at the Centre for Voice and Swallowing Disorders, Department of Otolaryngology, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Centre, Winston-Salem, USA. He has a PhD. in pharmacology from the University of Bradford, UK and is a named inventor on over 40 patents. He has supervised more than 70 successful PhD. studentships and has authored or co-authored over 480 scientific publications.

Professor Dettmar has organised national and international conferences and workshops, including a series of meetings on reflux disease and symposia on human pepsin. He also gives numerous national and international lectures. Peter has a special interest in reflux disease, pepsin, bile acids, mucosal protection, salivary mucins, bioadhesion, H. pylori, nutrition, dietary fibres/functional foods, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), polymers/biopolymers, cell biology and has established international research and clinical networks that are core to research in these areas.

Professor Peter Dettmar at Peptest

People using Peptest

GP at Bransholme Health Centre and an ENT specialist
Read Case Study

Consultant Gastroenterologist at Rotherham General Hospital
Read Case Study

Consultant ENT Surgeon
Read Case Study

Head of Cardio & Respiratory Studies at University of Hull
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Peptest is fantastic to use because its simplicity means I do not have to refer my patient to secondary care.

Dr Gabriel Hendow

I would definitely recommend using Peptest and I think it will become widely used.

Prof. Karna Dev Bardhan

I give talks and lectures on laryngopharyngeal reflux and I try to make people aware of Peptest

Mr Mark Watson

Because it is such a rapid test we are able to receive the results while I am seeing the patient in the clinic

Prof. Alyn Morice

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Thank you for your interest in Peptest. To arrange a demonstration, meeting or for more information, please use the contact form below.

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Peptest™ is a single use in-vitro diagnostic device not for ingestion. It conforms to the European Directive 98/79/EC on in-vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices; this is shown by the CE mark of conformity.

Peptest™ kits are manufactured in the UK by RDBiomed Limited.

RDBiomed Limited
Castle Hill Hospital
Castle Road
HU16 5JQ, UK

VAT Number: GB 990 1918 96

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