Peptest is an accurate, painless and inexpensive test that tells you quickly and conclusively if you have reflux disease.

Here’s 10 quick facts on how Peptest works to help patients suffering from reflux conditions.

1. Pepsin should only be in the stomach – if it is found in your saliva, then it means you have refluxed contents from your stomach.

2. We provide customers with tubes to collect saliva samples. The tubes contain citric acid, which acts as a preservative, so you can send samples back to our laboratory for analysis.

3. It takes around 20 minutes to analyse your saliva samples in the Peptest laboratory.

4. We use monoclonal human pepsin antibodies to detect the presence of pepsin in your saliva samples.

5. We will spin your saliva samples in a centrifuge machine for five minutes, at a rate of 4000 rpm, to remove any insoluble material from the saliva and leave a clear supernatant layer (clear fluid layer free of any debris).

6. Then we dilute a sample of this layer with a migration buffer solution, before mixing it in a vortex mixer for around 10 seconds and dropping it into our Peptest device.

7. Our Peptest device is a bit like a pregnancy test and a blue line will appear if there is pepsin present in the saliva.

8. We also measure the concentration or intensity of pepsin in the sample using an electronic lateral flow reader.

9. We will share results with you on the same day as testing your sample – typically this is within 24 hours of a sample arriving at the laboratory.

10. We’ll also send you documentation that you can share with your doctor to tailor the treatment and management of your reflux symptoms.How Peptest works

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