What is reflux?

Reflux disease is a common condition, where the stomach contents passes back up into the oesophagus.

How does Peptest work?

Peptest is an accurate, painless and inexpensive test that tells you quickly and conclusively if you have reflux disease.

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Peptest reflux diagnostic kits are available in a choice of two or three sample tubes.

Latest research

Peptest is a unique testing kit developed by UK-based RD Biomed that measures a patient’s saliva/sputum for levels of pepsin, an enzyme found only in the stomach.

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What people are saying…

Using Peptest, the high levels of pepsin in my saliva confirmed I was refluxing but also the levels involved and when it was happening.

Muriela (patient)

After taking Peptest, my results showed very high levels of pepsin, especially after my midday and evening meals.

Ian (patient)

Within 48 hours I received my results showing that I had high levels of pepsin present in my saliva.

Garry (patient)

I’ve been using Peptest for over a year now. It’s a completely non-invasive test that just involves spitting into a tube.

Mr Mark Watson (Surgeon)


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Well done Dr Gabriel Hendow!

The Peptest team is delighted to see our industry colleague Dr Gabriel Hendow recognised in the Times Alternative Rich List 2018 and in the recent UK Health Hero Awards. Dr Gabriel Hendow, a GP and ENT specialist, has used Peptest to help patients who suffer from...

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Peptest used in emergency departments

Peptest has been successful in helping distinguish between heart-related chest pain and pain due to gastrointestinal problems at a hospital in Italy. A study into using Peptest in emergency departments for patients with chest pain was undertaken by the Gemelli...

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Peptest™ is a single use in-vitro diagnostic device not for ingestion. It conforms to the European Directive 98/79/EC on in-vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices; this is shown by the CE mark of conformity.

Peptest™ kits are manufactured in the UK by RDBiomed Limited – a private limited company registered in England and Wales with number 06979218.

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