Shepperson Education, a New Zealand dental education platform dedicated to advancing professional knowledge and skills, recently hosted an enlightening webinar on tooth wear and gastric acid erosion.

The webinar, backed by Peptest New Zealand, featured Dr Andrea Shepperson as well as Associate Professor Jacqui Allen, who shared their expertise and insights with fellow dental professionals.

Dr Shepperson is a well-known dentist and educator with a referral-based clinical practice focused on managing tooth wear and interdisciplinary reconstruction of the worn dentition.

webinarAllen is an Auckland-based Laryngologist specialising in voice and dysphagia, utilising modern in-office techniques, endoscopy and laser surgery.

Dr Shepperson and Professor Allen actively investigated how gastric acid exposure can erode tooth enamel during the one-hour webinar. They emphasised the significance of early detection and comprehensive investigation for appropriate treatment.

They also shared insights and knowledge about reflux and the mechanisms of gastric acid induced pathology on the oropharyngeal area.

Dr Shepperson said: “As dentists we are often the first professionals to see the impact of reflux – erosion of teeth, which may result in substantial enamel loss, loss of vertical dimension and sensitivity.

“Pepsin is not normally found in saliva, unless gastric acid reaches the mouth or throat. If you have noticed teeth getting sensitive, yellowing, developing pot holes or craters on back teeth, thin or transparent and maybe chipping or breaking you may have acid erosion. Reflux in its various forms needs investigation.”

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