Peptest is a useful, non-invasive diagnostic test for self-diagnosing reflux related symptoms, a study published in the EC Gastroenterology and Digestive System journal has highlighted.

Many people suffering from troublesome reflux-related symptoms, such as regurgitation, heartburn and hoarseness, want a quick non-invasive diagnosis.

However, routine diagnostic procedures for the diagnosis of reflux – including 24-hour pH-monitoring and white light endoscopy – are highly invasive, time-consuming and costly. In addition, availability can be limited.

Because Pepsin is produced in the stomach and is present in the backflow of gastric refluxate, it is considered an ‘excellent biomarker for reflux within a saliva sample’.

The main aim of this new study was to use Peptest as an alternative and non-invasive diagnostic test, at a low cost and rapid way of diagnosing reflux using an individual’s saliva sample.

A total of 739 self-referral individuals’ samples were analysed in this study, all experiencing reflux related symptoms with no clinical diagnosis confirmed. These individuals were made up of 328 males and 411 females with a mean age of 53 years, ages ranged from one month to 90 years.

Saliva samples were pepsin negative in 250 (34 per cent) of the individuals (112 males and 138 females). The remaining 489 individuals had one or more saliva samples pepsin positive [66 per cent]. The mean pepsin concentration for all positive pepsin samples was 205 ng/ml ± 4.8.

The study concluded that Peptest is a self-referral diagnostic test that is ‘validated, rapid and easy to use for confirming the presence of reflux disease’.

A further study has found that individuals self-diagnosing their reflux like symptoms are mostly aged 40 to 70 years. In addition, a high number of US citizens experience gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms at least once a month.


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