The Peptest team headed to the Czech Republic in October to take part in the second annual ‘Peptest Day’ hosted by Imedex.

Imedex, our exclusive distributor for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, organised the knowledge-sharing workshop to coincide with the Pneumology Congress in Olomouc – the Czech Republic’s largest pulmonary disease conference.

Professor Peter Dettmar and Adrian Parkinson joined Anna Zálišová, Richard Uhlíř and Daniel Kolar from Imedex at the Congress, which took place between 24 and 26 October at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Olomouc.

Imedex Peptest Day

With the Peptest Day workshop focussing on the theme ‘Interdisciplinary approach to extra-oesophageal reflux disease and the use of Peptest’, it was fantastic to watch presentations and talks from Dr Ondrej Urban, head of the gastroenterology clinic at University Hospital Olomouc, Dr Karol Zelenik, ENT surgeon at the University Hospital Ostrava, Dr Jaromir Zatloukal, pneumologist at University Hospital Olomouc, and Katerina Neumannova, a physiotherapist at UH Olomouc.

Professor Dettmar also presented the latest research studies on Peptest, while Adrian, together with the Imedex team, gave hands-on demonstrations on how to use Peptest in practical sessions.

There was, of course, the chance to explore the city of Olomouc and sample some of the amazing local cuisine. Big thanks to Imedex for organising an excellent event.


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