We’re delighted to share the news that Restech, our distribution partner in the US, has launched a branded version of our reflux diagnostic saliva test – known as ‘PepsinCheck by Peptest’.

Respiratory Technology Corporation (Restech) is a leader in engineering world class medical technologies that provide comfortable, reliable solutions to assist physicians in the diagnosis of reflux related health problems quickly and reliably.

Customers in the US can now order PepsinCheck by Peptest home testing kits at www.pepsincheck.com. Kits will also be made available through physician practices.

Restech will manage the PepsinCheck operations, with the test shipped within the US, processed at strategically located American labs, and results are sent back to customers by mail and a secure email within a week.

Professor Peter Dettmar, director of RD Biomed, says: “We’re thrilled that our salivary pepsin test for diagnosing reflux has officially launched in the US. It has been a pleasure working with Restech, a successful digestive health solutions company, and we could not have chosen a better company to distribute and commercialise PepsinCheck by Peptest.”

“It is estimated that reflux disease affects more than 60 million people in the United States every month, from babies up to the older generation. With PepsinCheck by Peptest, all patients need to provide is a saliva sample that can be analysed for levels of the stomach enzyme pepsin – so it’s pain-free, low-cost and easy to administer.”

Thomas Ball, Restech’s vice president of clinical affairs, says: “As we Rethink Reflux across the continuum of care, direct to consumer healthcare plays a pivotal role.  RD Biomed and Peptest provide an ideal accompaniment to our product portfolio, ensuring that tough diagnostic cases find appropriate physician-based care in addition to broadening our reach to an unprecedented range of patients. PepsinCheck represents the first at-home reflux testing in the US market and holds the potential to revolutionise the care of individuals with symptoms ranging from heartburn, to chronic cough, and even obstructive sleep apnoea.”

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD/ GERD) is a chronic and highly prevalent disorder affecting an estimated 20 per cent of the US population. Many are treated with medications, yet an estimated 30 per cent of reflux patients are non-responsive. Before self-treating or embarking on a medical treatment journey, it is important to obtain evidence of true reflux and treat accordingly. 

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