We’re delighted to announce the publication of a new book on how reflux can be connected to respiratory disease that is co-edited by Professor Peter Dettmar and Professor Alyn H. Morice.

Reflux Aspiration and Lung DiseaseThe book, entitled Reflux Aspiration and Lung Disease, is now available online at Springer.com and released in print in Europe, North America and around the world.

Aimed at educating and informing professionals of the latest developments in the pathological basis of reflux and improvements in diagnostic technology, the book provides practical advice and explores the mechanism of reflux related to airways disease in depth.

Professor Peter Dettmar said: “Reflux is an important factor in many different lung diseases and its manifestations are under recognised. Our new book contains contributions written by world experts discussing their latest research, ideas and future directions in this fast-moving area.”

“Pharmacological, surgical and behavioural techniques in the prevention and treatment of reflux are discussed in each chapter. Also highlighted are special circumstances, such as eosinophilic inflammation in relation to asthma, cough and eosinophilic bronchitis.”

About the authors:

Professor Morice is Head of Respiratory Medicine and the Centre for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Research (CCMR) at HYMS, based at the University of Hull. He is also an Honorary Consultant Physician at Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Professor Dettmar, director of RD Biomed at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull, and the former global research and development director in gastrointestinals for Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare.

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