As Hong Kong’s Christmas decorations illuminated the city, RD Biomed’s CEO Harvey Dettmar actively participated in fruitful meetings and valuable discussions, further enhancing our partnerships and presence in the region.

Shopping centres, skyscrapers and various outdoor venues embraced the holiday spirit with extravagant displays and stunning Christmas trees that illuminated the cityscape.


During his stay in Hong Kong in December, Harvey had the pleasure of meeting with our partner, MaxHealth, and Peptest’s Hong Kong distributor, Homecare.

Participants in these meetings shared a commitment to advancing digestive health diagnostics and enhancing the accessibility of our innovative solutions in the region.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Justin Wu at CUHK Medicine and Dr. Billy Chiu of Adventist Health Hong Kon who further enriched our understanding of the regional healthcare needs and the role that Peptest can play in addressing them. Their insights are instrumental in shaping our strategies for clinical collaboration in the area.


We are eagerly anticipating the continuation of our clinical collaboration with Peptest in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. The insights gained from these discussions will guide our efforts to make digestive health diagnostics more accessible and effective for healthcare professionals and patients in the region.


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