We recently teamed up with video production company Pixelwave Creative to create a helpful step-by-step video guide for medical professionals using Peptest.

The Peptest kit is an immunological in-vitro diagnostic medical device that contains two pepsin monoclonal antibodies in order to identify pepsin in a clinical sample quickly and easy.

While there is no specific training required to use the test, there are specific and precise instructions for healthcare professionals to follow in order to achieve accurate readings of the concentration of pepsin in saliva/ sputum samples.

The Pixelwave Creative team visited our labs at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull to film footage and a voiceover for the new visual guide to using Peptest. These were combined with animated graphics to include a short, informative video guide that explains when to collect samples, how to store and when to analyse, how to use Peptest and how to read the results.

We were delighted to share the new video to medical experts at United European Gastroenterology Week in Vienna in October.

Watch the video here….

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