Maxhealth Medical Group, Peptest’s Chinese distributor, has presented the non-invasive device for diagnosing reflux to key opinion leaders at a China conference in November.

The China Healthcare International Association, Gastroesophageal Reflux and Multidisciplinary Branch 2017 annual conference took place at Hanhua International Hotel in Beijing on 10-12 November.

The conference is aimed at uniting key industry figures to collaborate on best ways to improve reflux disease diagnosis in China.

China conference

During the conference, Director Ming Yang (pictured left) from the digestive department of Daping Hospital in Chongping highlighted how pepsin testing is the ‘preferable diagnosis way for detecting laryngopharyngeal reflux disease (LPR)’.

At a GERD Multidisciplinary Forum during the conference, Qiuping Wang (pictured right, above), a director from the otolaryngology department of Nanjing General Hospital, also discussed the importance of pepsin for reflux screening.

Stephanie Yang, at Maxhealth Medical Group, said: “During the conference, several professors from across the country visited the Maxhealth booth and inquired about usage and registration process of Peptest. There is high expectation for the use of Peptest in China.”

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