We’re delighted to announce that the Peptest laboratories will reopen for testing of saliva samples for pepsin on Monday 25 May.

During the coronavirus pandemic we made the decision to temporarily suspend testing due to restrictions on staff movements and concerns over delays in the deliveries.

Following an in-depth review of all our processes and operating procedures, we have moved our Peptest testing area into a dedicated room so that contact with samples is restricted to the tester alone.

We have also invested in more safety equipment, including a new Class 2 Biosafety Cabinet, which is designed to optimise contamination prevention.

Please do not send samples if you suspect you have Covid-19 symptoms or if you are in isolation because of suspected Covid-19 either for yourself or a family member.

Do also ensure you follow the collection procedure carefully and seal your sample bottles and packaging appropriately. We will NOT be able to test any samples that show any signs of leakage.

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