The RD Biomed team headed to the Trent Voice Clinical Excellence Network Study event in Derby at the end of February to share insights into Peptest.

Woody and Felix from our team presented information on using Peptest as a reflux diagnostic test as part of the training day for voice speech and language therapists (SLTs).

Clinical Excellence Networks (CENs), such as the Trent Voice CEN, serve as valuable forums for SLTs with shared interests to convene and collaborate. These networks, which often meet multiple times throughout the year, facilitate ongoing professional development and the exchange of best practices.

Taking place at Pride Park Stadium in Derby, this full training day also featured two excellent presentations from Jane Shaw, and Bryan Saccente-Kennedy to inform voice SLTs on ways to manage the ageing voice, as well as the treatment options to consider.

voice workshop

Jane, who uses Peptest as part of her role as a SLT at Doncaster Royal where she runs the joint voice clinic with otolaryngologist Mark Watson, shed light on the challenges faced by aging individuals, such as hearing loss, medication-related issues, and memory problems, which can all affect communication abilities.

While Brian, a seasoned SLT with a research background, delved into the physiological changes associated with aging, particularly focusing on the respiratory system and the larynx. His insights provided valuable context on the consequences of these changes for communication and underscored the importance of tailored treatment approaches for aging individuals.

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