It’s fantastic to see Peptest featured on RefluxMD, the popular healthcare website that focuses on the treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD/ GERD).

In its latest article Why GERD is often misdiagnosed, RefluxMD reports that an estimated 75 per cent of GERD diagnoses are made without the use of a diagnostic test.

Instead, many doctors will often use what the website terms the ‘PPI test’ to diagnose reflux patients – prescribing a course of proton pump inhibitor medication and then determining whether this treatment helped with symptoms, such as heartburn.

Peptest is an accurate and painless saliva test that tells you conclusively if you have reflux. Using Peptest, samples of saliva are tested for the presence of the stomach enzyme pepsin. Because pepsin should only be found in the stomach, if it is found in saliva samples it indicates that you are suffering from reflux.

RefluxMD has said: “We are very excited that primary care physicians may have a viable and accurate diagnostic test for GERD and that individuals could have access to a home-test to confirm self-diagnosed GERD.”

Read the full article on reflux diagnostic tests here.

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