Peptest is highly rated for its speed of service, value for money and easy to follow instructions, according to our recent customer survey.

We asked customers* for their views on our non-invasive reflux diagnostic test in an independent online survey and we’re delighted to share some of the feedback with you.
Highlights include:

  • 87% of customers said it is easy to follow the Peptest instructions
  • 89% of our customers consider Peptest to be good value
  • 79% of our customers were satisfied with their diagnosis
  • 91% of customers would consider using Pepest again
When asked ‘What did we really do well?’ many customers also praised our ‘fast’ and ‘efficient’ service with a quick turnaround of their test results.

Nearly half of respondents said they had used Peptest to understand whether reflux could be the cause of unexplained symptoms. Throat-clearing (72%) was the most common symptom experienced by customers, followed by hoarseness (53%), globus – feeling of a lump in throat (42%) and cough (37%).

Some customers told us they also used Peptest to confirm their GP’s diagnosis, to gauge the effectiveness of treatment/surgery/ diet changes or because of inconclusive diagnostic tests with their doctor.

Two-thirds of survey respondents had already undertaken an endoscopy diagnostic test, 30% had undergone pH testing, 23% an impedance test and 31% a Barium swallow. A fifth of customers surveyed had not had any other diagnostic procedures.

Survey respondents came from all around the world, with the largest groups being from the United Kingdom (56 per cent of respondents) and United States (30 per cent), with other locations including mainland Europe, Australia, Canada and Singapore. The majority of our customers (89%) were aged over 35.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all our customers who took part in our recent questionnaire. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us and we will be using all your valuable feedback to further develop Peptest and improve our service.

*The Peptest 2014 Customer Survey polled 125 individuals who had previously ordered Peptest directly from our website.

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