Dr Vicki Strugala, our research manager, will be presenting at the Digestive Disorders Federation (DDF) Conference 2015 in London this week.

The 2nd Digestive Disorders Federation event is taking place at ExCeL in London and is a combined conference of five societies and associations in the field of digestive disorders.

Dr Strugala will present a poster and abstract titled: “Optimisation of the Peptest diagnostic test for detection of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) using Pepsin as a marker: An ideal primary care tool” at the conference on Thursday 25 June 2015.

Peptest detects pepsin, which is only produced by the stomach, in expectorated saliva and is a quick and easy unique marker of the reflux of gastric contents responsible for GORD.

The abstract will also be published in Gut – a leading international journal in gastroenterology.

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