Northumbria University in Newcastle is conducting research in collaboration with RD Biomed to identify the types of food or drinks that can trigger a reflux event.

Katie Boulton research scientist

Katie Boulton, research scientist, RD Biomed

Katie Boulton, a research scientist in the RD Biomed and Peptest labs, has started a PhD at Northumbria and will also be a key contributor to the research study.

She is working under the supervision of Dr Iain Brownlee, Associate Professor of Nutrition in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

Dr Brownlee has research interests in most elements of gastrointestinal health and disease but is particularly interested in better understanding how dietary intake could impact on gastric reflux.

The main focus of their new study will be identifying trigger foods that drive a reflux event – the backflow of stomach contents up the oesophagus and beyond.

Katie will look to recruit volunteers to look at the way different foods/beverages correlate to reflux spikes and to address how diet and lifestyle management can impact reflux-associated symptoms.

Last year Katie graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a first-class degree in BSc Biochemistry, as well as gaining Bronze, Silver and Gold Hallam Awards for her dedication to the subject.

She says: “I feel so lucky to be doing this PhD, it’s been an exciting start and I have the endless support of my supervisors from Northumbria and RD Biomed. I am looking forward to seeing where this journey will take me regarding my future research.”

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