At the start of March, we took to the stage at the third meeting of the Northern GI Working Group, hosted by the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust GI Physiology department.

This event provided a platform for attendees to delve into discussions surrounding lower GI biofeedback, high-resolution oesophageal manometry, and chronic cough, among other topics.

The Northern GI Physiology Working Group (NGIWG) aims to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among GI physiologists and clinical scientists, offering valuable insights into practice, equipment, and research developments within the field.

Andrew Woodcock’s presentation, which kicked off the afternoon session following lunch, provided attendees with key insights into Peptest, a diagnostic tool for detecting reflux.

The event also featured a presentation by Professor Alyn Morice, who shared his expertise on vagal hypersensitivity in chronic cough, providing attendees with a broader perspective on the complexities of respiratory conditions.

The event not only offered a platform for informative presentations but also fostered interactive discussions and networking opportunities among attendees. With a lineup of engaging talks and interactive sessions, the Northern GI Working Group Meeting proved to be a valuable forum for professionals in the field to exchange ideas and share experiences.

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