Let’s introduce you to a key member of the RD Biomed and Peptest team… Jeanine Fisher.

Jeanine joined our company in 2006 and can usually be found in the Peptest laboratories at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull.

As a Senior Laboratory Technician – and Project Manager for our contract laboratory work – Jeanine is heavily involved in carrying out research and writing scientific papers for publication in journals.

Working alongside Professor Peter Dettmar, Jeanine has collaborated on a number of scientific papers – with the most recent papers published, including:

The Antacid Efficacy of Maalox in Comparison to a Range of Antacids – a comprehensive review of the literature relating to the use of antacids in the treatment of the symptoms of heartburn, regurgitation and indigestion and the findings of gastro-oesophageal reflux, including defining the onset and duration of action of some key antacids available in the global market place.

Published in the Journal of Pharmaceutics and Therapeutics, J. Pharm. Sci. Therap. 5(1): 301-335 (2019), Dettmar, PW, Strugala V, Fisher, J and Woodcock AD – available to download here.

Damage to the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract – The Role of Pepsin – a review exploring contemporary literature comprising of books, articles and conference presentations reporting on all roles of pepsin and the damage it can cause to the upper gastrointestinal tract.

Published in EC Gastroenterology and Digestive System 6.6 (2019): 427-438. Rhianna K Lenham, Jeanine Fisher and Peter W. Dettmar – available to download here.

A comparative study on the raft chemical properties of various alginate antacid raft-forming products – research to measure the chemical characterisation of alginate rafts for good raft performance and ascertain how formulation can affect chemical parameters.

Published in the Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy Journalavailable to download here.

Jeanine also acts as a supervisor to our work experience students and those students on a Year in Industry placement – the UK scheme that provides gap year placements for pre-university and undergraduate students.

She also provides support to Adrian Parkinson to process Peptest orders and analyse saliva samples.

You may also recognise Jeanine from our instructional video for healthcare professionals using Peptest in their own laboratories.

Jeanine is also in her final academic year of a BSc (Honours) Health Science degree with the Open University. A course which involves exploring health and disease from a multidisciplinary, evidence-based perspective.

And, if she’s not busy studying, you will typically find Jeanine running after her two-year-old, jogging or playing netball.

Professor Peter Dettmar says: “Jeanine is an absolute star, highly dependable, highly skilled and highly motivated in running our various research platforms. Jeanine has been the face of Peptest since day one of its launch in 2010 and is key to the development and commercialisation of the product.”

Jeanine Fisher

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