Innovation is the driving force behind groundbreaking solutions that make a difference in patients’ lives. At RD Biomed, our commitment to pioneering advancements in gastroenterology is made possible by the dedication and expertise of our team members.

Today, we introduce you to Felix Macdougal, a valued scientist at RD Biomed Limited, who plays a pivotal role in our mission to identify, prevent and treat various gastrointestinal conditions.

Path to RD Biomed

Felix embarked on his journey with RD Biomed in May 2023, initially joining us as part of the Humber Internship Programme. His role was originally a 12-week internship, but it quickly became evident that Felix’s passion and capabilities were an excellent fit for our team. Consequently, he was offered a permanent position as a scientist.

Felix pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science at the University of Hull from 2018 to 2021, achieving an outstanding first-class degree. Building on this accomplishment, Felix continued his pursuit of knowledge by completing a Master of Science in Biomedical Science, again at the University of Hull, where he was awarded a distinction.

We sat down with Felix to hear more about his role at RD Biomed, as well as his ambitions for the future.

Felix, tell us about your usual day

Typically, I analyse samples for pepsin received from patients (private and from clinics) then send these results off. I also have a role in manufacturing and production, which involves work in the lab to manufacture solutions of citric acid and migration buffer for orders and packing of incoming Peptest orders.

Additionally, I carry out research and development (R&D) work aimed at identifying the deleterious effects resulting from pepsin. This work also contributes to facilitating the development of products that conform to upcoming regulation changes.

What interests you most about your role?

From my education I gained extensive knowledge on the biology of the body and how much of an impact a healthy gastrointestinal system has on maintaining an individual’s health. I am particularly interested in the role of pepsin regarding how this enzyme is not only a marker of reflux but can also damage cells in the oesophagus along with other issues such as dental corrosion.

The impacts of pepsin on the body are continually being investigated through research projects within the company which I help plan and carry out.

How do you envision your role developing here?

In the long term, I hope to continue contributing to the company’s growth and progress. I also aspire to have opportunities to travel, visiting manufacturing sites, interacting with distributors and attending trade shows. This will not only enhance my professional development but also allow me to further contribute to RD Biomed’s mission of advancing gastroenterological solutions.

What do you like doing outside of the lab?

Outside of work, I like cars and driving as well as gardening and reading scientific papers to keep up to date with literature. I also enjoy playing football recreationally and used to play for my local team and at the faculty level while I was studying at the university. Football remains a passion – especially supporting Hull City.

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