Peptest/Restech Day, an annual event hosted by Peptest’s regional distributor Imedex s.r.o. in Czechia, returned for 2024, serving as a pivotal platform for professionals to deepen their understanding as well as explore advancements in reflux diagnostics.

The event, taking place at the University Hospital’s educational centre in Olomouc, Czechia, brought together experts from various specialties to delve into the latest advancements in diagnosing reflux disease with extraoesophageal symptoms.

Peptest/Restech Day 2024 focused on ENT, allergology and pneumology perspectives on the diagnosis as well as treatment of oesophageal reflux disease encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange among healthcare professionals from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The day-long symposium provided an invaluable opportunity for attendees to connect with peers and explore innovative technologies.


One engaging presentation from Jane Shaw, a specialist speech and language therapist (SLT) at Sheffield Primary Care Trust offered valuable insights into the use of Peptest in clinical settings. She shared her firsthand experience with using Peptest, our reflux diagnostic tool that detects the presence of the stomach enzyme pepsin in saliva, in her practice.

She explained how Peptest “has rapidly become an integral part” of its SLT service to voice patients as it “gives us scientific proof to show the patient that they have this damaging enzyme in their throat”.

“We find patients are much more motivated to comply with the difficult and complicated medication and diet-and-lifestyle regime when they have seen the proof of the problem,” she said.

As well as the chance to learn more about Peptest’s capabilities, attendees also enjoyed demonstrations of Restech’s technology for measuring the pH of exhaled air. The Dx–pH Measurement System measures pH in the upper airway or oesophagus.


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