HomeCare Medica, an official distributor of Peptest for Hong Kong, was among the attendees at Asia-Oceania Conference on Obesity 2023 (AOCO 2023).

The event, held from 4 to 6 August 2023, at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, served as a platform for healthcare experts to convene, exchange insights and explore innovative solutions in all aspects of obesity including lifestyle management and pharmacotherapies.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1993, HomeCare Medical delivers quality healthcare products and services, ranging from sleep tests to respiratory equipment. It is also an official distributor of Peptest for Hong Kong.

HomeCare Medical facilitated connections with professionals from diverse disciplines at the conference – including doctors, endocrinologist, GI surgeons, family physicians from across Asia Pacific – and provided a platform to highlight Peptest’s capabilities.

Peptest is a reflux diagnostic test that offers accuracy without discomfort. Traditional reflux diagnosis methods involve invasive and expensive procedures like pH monitoring, pH Impedance, Barium Swallow, and Endoscopy, which are time-consuming and unpleasant for patients.

In contrast, Peptest is simple and painless. It detects the presence of pepsin, a stomach enzyme, in a saliva sample. Since pepsin is exclusive to the stomach, finding it in the oesophagus, throat, mouth, or lungs indicates reflux.

Obesity is known to increase the risk of developing reflux. The excess weight can put pressure on the stomach, leading to the backward flow of stomach acids into the oesophagus. This connection between obesity and reflux highlights the importance of addressing both issues collectively for better health outcomes.

Reports have found that abdominal obesity combined with aging increases the risk of GERD.

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