Peptest is an accurate, painless and inexpensive saliva test that is very easy to use with simple, step-by-step instructions. Here are our top tips for using Peptest effectively.

1 Always collect samples when you are symptomatic and keep a note of the time and the specific symptoms

2 Clear your throat with a cough to ensure that saliva from the throat and mouth are mixed prior to collecting a sample. Watch our ‘YouTube video – how to collect saliva for Peptest‘.

3 Collect samples before making changes to your lifestyle or taking new medication so that you can be sure reflux is the cause. (It is common that symptoms will persist for a time after the actual reflux has improved or stopped due to the treatment).

4 Always follow the instructions provided carefully and note anything that might affect your reflux.

5 We recommend stopping taking all antacid-type products and Gaviscon for 48 hours prior to taking samples for Peptest analysis. It is not necessary to stop PPI or H2 receptor antagonist therapy.

6 We suggest you stop drinking alkaline water (pH 8.8) for 48 hours prior to taking samples for Peptest. Some studies suggest alkaline water denatures pepsin. (link to blog)

7 We recommend that you take three samples as this gives you a much richer set of results to share with your doctor and additional information on when you are likely to reflux.

8 We suggest you take your first sample within 15 minutes of experiencing reflux symptoms, a second sample after a separate reflux symptom incident that is not within an hour of the first and the third sample should be taken within 15 minutes of waking up from overnight sleep and before eating or brushing teeth, ensuring you are in an upright position.

9 Return them to the Peptest laboratory at RD Biomed for analysis as soon as possible. You can store samples in the fridge prior to sending them but ensure the samples are tested within five days.

10 Once you receive your results and accompanying information, please take these to discuss the next steps with your doctor. Treatment will depend on your symptoms, the Peptest results and any other relevant information.

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