Peptest reflux diagnostic pack (THREE saliva tubes)


Peptest reflux diagnostic kit, which includes THREE saliva collection tubes, instruction booklets and return envelope. After completing your test, you’ll also receive a letter addressed to your doctor explaining the results and what they mean. You will also receive a FREE digital booklet with information on ways to manage reflux.
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Please do not send samples if you suspect you have Covid-19 symptoms or if you are in isolation because of suspected Covid-19 either for yourself or a family member. Do also ensure you follow the collection procedure carefully and seal your sample bottles and packaging appropriately. We will NOT be able to test any samples that show any signs of leakage.


Your Peptest reflux diagnostic pack includes:

  • Three collection tubes
  • Full instructions
  • All postage included
  • Analysis of samples
  • Results report and information
  • Doctor’s letter
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