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Peptest is an accurate, painless and inexpensive  diagnostic test that tells you if you have reflux. It measures the presence of stomach enzyme pepsin in saliva samples.


Peptest reflux diagnostic kit with THREE saliva collection tubes.
Can help identify if you are prone to supine (or nocturnal) reflux


Peptest reflux diagnostic kit with TWO saliva collection tubes.
Collecting two samples at the right time offers accurate results.

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1.2.3… three steps to reflux diagnosis

Choose from a two or three tube sample kit. Collection tubes and instructions will be sent to you by post. All postage is included.

Follow kit instructions to spit in the tubes provided. Return your saliva collection tubes to our labs in the pre-paid package.

We’ll send you your results within 48 hours. You’ll also receive a letter for your GP explaining what the results mean.

Advice on using Peptest

All you need to know about our reflux diagnostic test…


Pepsin should only be in the stomach – if it is found in your saliva, then it means you have refluxed contents from your stomach. We use monoclonal human pepsin antibodies to detect the presence of pepsin in saliva.

Preserving samples

We provide customers with tubes to collect saliva samples. We recommend storing them in the fridge.

The tubes contain citric acid, which acts as a preservative, so you can send samples back to our laboratory for analysis.

International delivery

Peptest is available to most international countries.

If you live outside the UK, we will send your kit using FedEx international priority. We also send you a FedEx return pack with pre-printed airway bill so that your return will be just as quick.

Quick analysis

It takes around 20 minutes to analyse your saliva samples in the Peptest laboratory.

We will share results with you on the same day as testing your sample – typically this is within 24 hours of a sample arriving at the lab.

Your results

We’ll also send you documentation about your results that you can share with your doctor to tailor the treatment and management of your reflux symptoms.

Peptest and your medication

We recommend that you stop taking antacids and raft-forming/ alginate suspensions such as Gaviscon for 48 hours prior to collecting samples for Peptest analysis.

However, you do not have to stop PPI (Esomeprazole) or H2 receptor antagonist therapy (Ranitidine) as Peptest will still detect pepsin in the presence of these if pepsin is being refluxed.

You can read more advice about medications on our website: https://www.peptest.co.uk/can-i-use-peptest-reflux-medication/


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Peptest™ is a single use in-vitro diagnostic device not for ingestion. It conforms to the European Directive 98/79/EC on in-vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices; this is shown by the CE mark of conformity.

Peptest™ kits are manufactured in the UK by RDBiomed Limited - a private limited company registered in England and Wales with number 06979218.

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